To say that the world is becoming almost completely automated would not be a complete overstatement. Companies and brands are starting to take note of this change. The U.S. eCommerce retail rate grew up to 16.0% in the year 2017, which undoubtedly says a lot about how the world is gradually moving to automate everyday processes like buying and selling products.

 As this change comes about us, it is not surprising that a lot of retailers are now looking into selling their products through the internet. Thankfully, with the emergence of countless eCommerce platforms, making this change has become as easy as one, two, three.

 Take Canada, for instance, where eCommerce platforms are a rage for buyers and sellers- big and small- alike. Shopify, Amazon and Best Buy, among countless others, are some of the best eCommerce platforms 2018 has seen.

 People over the world are aware of Amazon. Large companies dominate on this platform; however, the site also sees the presence of several smaller companies. Amazon is popular for the same of books, clothing, household items- you name it! In order to reach a larger potential consumer base, Amazon is a great option- but this comes at a high price as Amazon charges royalties higher than most other eCommerce platforms. This is perhaps why more large companies tend to turn to Amazon as opposed to smaller startups.

 Etsy is a highly popular platform in Canada focused on selling handmade products. The Etsy community consists of people solely looking to buy and sell these organic handmade items ranging from clothes and decorative items to jewelry and cosmetics. Therefore this is a perfect eCommerce platform for startups looking to sell items of this kind. Etsy also has seen a constant increase in popularity in recent years so starting to sell your items on it this instant would not be the worst idea for your business.

 Best Buy Canada in stands out in this list solely because, in addition to its website, the platform also has physical outlets set out around the country- making products accessible in numerous ways. Best Buy usually offers products from larger companies, however, smaller companies also tend to tell through Best Buy. This platform is arguably the most popular in Canada and is a perfect marketplace for brands looking to target their products at Canadians of all ages.