E-commerce startups are comparatively easier to launch. However, they are not as easy as you might expect it to be. While it might not include as hefty of an investment (due to lack of physical stores), you must need to incorporate most of the other aspects of a retail business.

However, nothing is as important as selecting the best E-commerce platform for your startups. We know what you are thinking. How hard can it possibly be? After all, we have some of the best International E-commerce platforms around. Options like Shopify make things very easy. But, just because Shopify is the best Ecommerce platform 2018 has, doesn’t mean it is suitable for you. Instead, you must conduct an E-commerce platforms comparison and select a platform very carefully.

Why choosing the correct E-commerce platforms matter? Here are some reasons.

Because they come at a cost

Yes, there are free E-commerce platform packages as well. However, sooner or later, your business will outgrow them. Or at least, you should set goals to do so. Unless you want to change platforms when this occurs, it is better to choose a platform that has cost-effective and suitable packages. Some businesses left BigCommerce for the sole reason of increasing cost. Therefore, it is important to do your research and select the best option from the lot.

Hype can be misleading

Just because you have heard that a given platform is excellent doesn’t mean you should believe it. Sometimes the hype around a service is exaggerated and even triggered by the own company! What should you do instead? Do your thorough research. Find out about all the aspects of the platform that are important to you. This should range from ease of use to customer support.

User-interface can fail to deliver

Let’s say you found the perfect platform. It is very budget friendly and suits all your business needs. But, your customers find it very hard to maneuver through the platform. This automatically undermines all the good quality of the platform. What good are the features when your team can’t properly use it? Therefore, make sure that the platform is easy to use.


All in all, E-commerce platforms matter. Choose them wisely. This decision can decide the future of your E-commerce startup.