E-commerce is growing at a very fast pace. Now, it is very easy to find the best Ecommerce platform for startups. International E-commerce platforms like Shopify and BigCommerce are delivering excellent performance and a wide array of features. So, for those of you who plan on diving into the E-commerce industry, make sure you pick the best Ecommerce platform 2018 has to offer. Do so after doing an E-commerce platforms comparison.

However, a very important question still remains. Does using a quality platform mean you are ready to take on the big players like Amazon? If not, is venturing into E-commerce platform even profitable?

The strength of Amazon

There is one thing you can’t beat Amazon in. And that is convenience and price. If you know what you want, it is the best place to buy products. Some startups might try to use the same value proposition to ensure the success of their business. Let’s just say this is not a good idea. Amazon is a very big player and has been delivering its products on this value proposition for a very long time. Playing in a field where your opponent is already strong is never a good idea.

Does this mean E-commerce startups can’t beat Amazon?

No. It just means you need to know where to strike.

What you can do

Think about it. Do you only shop via online stores when you know what you want? A big chunk of the population is not sure of what they want when they visit a store. This is the chunk that you can target in your E-commerce startup. Customize your store so that customers can filter their searches easily.

Here are three things you should focus on if you wish to succeed:

  • Building a community. Rather than merely being a platform where people buy products, be a platform where people are allowed to share their product experiences as well. This helps in establishing trust with the customers since it shows that you are not hiding any product related flaws.
  • Deliver detailed content about the product. Since online products can seldom be tried first and bought later (some companies deliver this too), it is important to give your customers the complete information. This can be achieved through a detailed product description and an excellent customer support system.


Your small business can survive alongside, if not beat, Amazon. You just need to know how to position yourself in the industry.